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xMago Breeding Service.

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Hi ,  i want opened again my breeding service because im boring in game and try get cash.


i breeding with this ivs (obviously, with nature)

2x31 3x27+ = 400k Base. (without 21k+ happynes or eggs moves) if you need anything, is more priced)

3x31 2x27+ = 500k Base (... same than up)

3x31 3x27+ = 650k Base (...)



Add more info.

* If your poke need 5 IVS + genderless wanted 21k = 100k+, if need 6 IVS 120k +.

* If your poke need Happy for evolved i not breeding this. (lucarios, togekiss, etc)

* If your poke need evolved to breeding, i not breeding this. (electivire, magmortar, pikachu, togekiss etc)

* The pokemon genderless, i only breeding with magnenite's o staryu's with price +50k to base.

* The egg moves, up the price, same value than how many mushrooms he needed.



If your poke is "rare" (for example, hippodown adamant) i want get it the cash first and after start to breeding this poke, if is a normal poke, not needed.




My ign is xMago for contact in game.

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