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Anniversary Hide and Seek

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\\Team lava anniversary hide and seek event //





The Host will hide in different places around the maps of 3 regions (unova kanto and hoend)

each round,once he announce is ready to be found u can start searching for them.

There will be 10 rounds in total and the first person to finds the host that wins the round.

The host will announce a clue at the beginning of each round to help players find the location

that its hiding and every 5 minutes thereafter.

The person with the most  rounds won will get the prize



The host will announce at the start of each round that he is ready to be found

The first player that finds the host and trade him will win the round

Access to any areas in game area from all 3 regions maps might be required

in case of a draw between players extra rounds will happen

at the end of each round the host will set a place of gathering and waiting 

until the new rounds begins



There will be 4 rounds at kanto 3 at hoend and 3 at unova

will be good to have repels with u and pokemons with hm moves


Date and Time

This Monday 22th of April/11:00 AM EST



1 Place

Christmas ligths

2 Place

snowman costume


Good luck to all! hope u have fun^




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10 hours ago, MathewMat said:

it's not like you got a hot date like me you can stay up

My girl would probably not appreciate it when I go on a date at 5am 


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