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UU's For Sale

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All are Ev'd + Movesetted unless stated otherwise, all will have correct egg moves that are viable. I aint no nab.


Absol Ada 27/31/27/x/27/31 

Crobat Jolly 31/31/29/x/28/31    Medicham Jolly 27/31/28/x/29/31

Roserade Calm 30/x/26/27/30/30

Donphan Impish 31/29/31/x/28/29

Mantine Calm 5x31 + moveset + pp max

Machamp Adamant 30/31/30/x/25/29

Scrafty Jolly 30/31/28/x/30/31 

Heracross Ada 27/30/27/x/30/31

Heracross Jolly 30/31/27/x/27/31

Alakazam Timid 21/x/31/31/29/31

Eelektross Quiet 31/31/27/x/27/15

Typhlo Timid 31/x/27/31/25/31 (No Extrasensory)

Galvantula Modest 30/x/30/31/30/31

Yanmega Timid 28/x/28/31/29/31

Forre Impish 28/30/30/25/25/x

Flygon Adamant 26/31/27/x/26/31



Chinchou 31/x/27/28/31/27 Calm



Taking offers for money or NU's (Some OU's but I probably wont need the common stuff.)



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26 minutes ago, Lvkee said:

 I aint no nab.

Donphan Impish 31/29/31/x/28/29

Mantine Calm 5x31 + moveset + pp max



liar and nab

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