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[MOD] Hoenn Music Mod by PsyKoPat !

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So here is a quick and easy mod i made, it is my first mod ever !! so make sure to tell me if anything is wrong with it !!!

all you need to do to install the mod properly is to download the files needed and then just place these in the mods folder for your PokeMMO !

oh and if the game crashes its due to the game's update, it needs to be fixed so i'm sorry about that, anyway, heres is what is in the mod !


-Inside gym's

-professor Birch's lab

-PokeMart and PokeCenter

-Riding bike

-Litteroot town (special music)

-Victory road

-Hall Of Fame

-Safari zone

-all kinds of battles (magma and aqua, Elite 4, champion, and rival !)

-sky pillar/ Mt. Chimney


and here are the download links (MEGAsync !) (all 3 are needed !)





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it only replaces the Hoenn Musics, not Kanto... (you are looking for a kanto music mod ?)

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For some reason the music on the PokeCenter is bugged, sounds like a drowned buggy sound, it's weird, and creppy.

Edit: I'm sorry, I don't know if the newer versions are causing this, but, my game has crashed twice when entering a new instance (changing from bike to walking, or from bike to battle), and also sometimes PokeCenter's and Battle themes are getting buggy, idk if files got corrupted when installing, will try again.
The mod is amazing, the song choice is awesome, I love it, but the bugs and crashes make it unusable atm. Will update after reinstalling.

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