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[MOD] 3DS Monster Icons

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This mod replaces the game's monster icons with the 3DS versions of them.




Before:  5Lt1XQ1.png

  After:   2ddaNS4.png


If there are any mistakes, please notify me.
Feedback is appreciated.


tags: sprites, XY, HD, ORAS, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire

Edited by Apemon7

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This mod should be Up2Date, right? But for some reasons, it doesnt work for me.


I played around witht the file extensions, but it doesnt change anything.


Is anyone else having issues? If not, how can i find out what the reason is? 


Edit: After trying around for 20 minutes, it seems deleting this Mod once again, together with the other Mod i used fixed it.

Edited by Blutseuche
Fixed it

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i tried to put it in my mod folder but i keep getting this error message any one can help? (i also changed it to .zip and .rar but still does not work)

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