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Remembering Andrea: 4/13 16:00EDT, 405m+ Prize Pool

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Thank you all for coming and participating.

At first I was pretty peeved, the amount of people who joined in just for the money was enraging in a way, the huge amount of shitposting in the room also put me off a bit, but as more and more of these people got weeded out in the early rounds, the calmer I got, and eventually I realized that a huge amount of rowdy shitposting following a huge tour with large stakes was something she'd have loved to be remembered with.

Like I said after it was all over, the finals were pretty much a Hollywood ending, and I wouldn't have wanted them any other way, Doc taught Rox a lot about doubles and she deeply cared for him, Sparkie was also one of Rox' most estimated people. I kinda wish Julian had gotten a bit further since she kind of saw him as her rival, alas we can't all be winners.

A warm and special thank you to Doc for coming out of retirement to play one more for his former student. And another big thank you for the people who helped out Cali host this, and allowed to keep going despite the meteorological issues the area where she was at had.


Sleep well lil' chigga.





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Was a pleasure to participate. I’m a joke in double and I never thought I could actually reach the 4th place. Roxxass mb gave me a bit of her strength ^^ 

well play to everyone. Thanks to the host, and ofc thanks to Roxxass, was a pleasure to be one of your friend.


In France we got a proverb :


« the greatest goes first »


love you all 

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