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Remembering Andrea: Donation Thread

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Honestly devastated from when I saw this post like 10 hours ago.


I think that I tend to be a cold dude, and I did not expect to be affected so much by the loss of a person I had talked to like 10 times, but she took care of me when I was new to this game not so long ago.


Short story of how I met her.


I signed up for world cup when I had only like 2 weeks of playing this game, just to know people interested in competitive play, and I was about to unsign (due to lack of money, mons and info about the game in general) when she convinced to stay in the tournament and play for Spain B. She told me she also was an old VGC player and that I would love the adaptation to this game's doubles meta, and offered pokemon and help to prep. She wished me luck before my wcup matches and congratulated after.


This was where all the fun of this game started for me.



I met her a time later at comunity combat doubles 127's finals where I got a narrow victory, and we talked about meta and TR after the match. Weeks later in an hdlm vs rise match I expected to have a rematch against her but I got beaten by Nahwel instead, she was busy on a family meeting and revealed some of the tricks she had prepped to beat my anti TR measures (which made me learn about the matchup too), and promised that we would have a rematch soon in another doubles tournament. 

She was an unique person. I'm extremely sad we wont be able to meet with her again. 


I guess I'm not really a true member of this community since I've been here for short time, but I felt the need to write this.


My condolences to her family and friends.

Rest in peace.

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This was devastating and so upsetting to hear like I can't even believe it. It just comes to show as a reminder of how Precious our lives are and how fast it can be taken away. The community lost a kind hearted individual, someone who cared and who we could depend upon for guidance and help. An inspiration. We lost a special friend that was dear to us all. I'm going to remember her for who she was and how she helped me to be a better player in competitive play and in the sense of morality. Till the last day she logged I have never won her in a doubles match, she was too good. May you rest in peace and be with the angels <3.

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12 hours ago, calidubstep said:

Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming support and kind words. It is truly heartwarming to see the community coming as one. That being said, I will be taking an extended leave of absence from this game after this event takes place. Andrea did and always will hold a special place in my heart. We would always log just to be together, whether it was to alt run (which we never finished) or to get my ass beat in doubles, I cherished every moment I had with her. This joy that I had from being with her both in game and discord was one of the main reasons I played this game as much as I did, and with the inability to replicate that joy (or at least without crying for 3 hours straight), I just don't see a reason to stay at the moment. 

Thank you guys, again, for everything. I'll try and schedule a date for this as soon as possible so hopefully we can all move on together. 

Thank you Cali for helping me construct the obituary of Roxxass. I provided no music in the video due to this being a sad occasion.



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19 hours ago, Bestfriends said:

I did not know that she would pass away, but I taped a battle that she had against Santiii (it was the final match I taped). Feel free to watch my tournament commentary.

I do not believe what I am reading, please tell me this is for the Happy can't believe they did this Day! 


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23 minutes ago, EazyL said:

I do not believe what I am reading, please tell me this is for the Happy can't believe they did this Day! 


I just found out what happened, it's really true, unfortunately, I regret my way of writing the above.
But I still can not assimilate what I just found out.
I knew I was sick @Roxxass , but I never thought it was too bad for something like this to happen.

For now I have nothing more to thank for having met such a beautiful person, although it was for a short time.

Rest in peace @Roxxass and thank you for everything you did for the PokeMMO community.

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Wow, this was a stab directly to my heart, unfortunately I never got to know her but with the comments above I can already make me an idea that she really was a good person who did not look for anyone's evil, I hope she found peace up there and that you and her surrounding can pass this difficult moment. Rest in Peace Andrea (1997-2019)

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I'm totally devasteded

It was so nice during PSL to login and have always a mail from Roxxass telling me im going to win my match, she always believed me

She NEVER missed a single match of mine.

even after all the drama, she always was by my side, im totally heartbroken.

My condolences to her family, friends and everyone that meet such a beautiful person, a example of a human.


(sorry for bad english)

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I don't much time i'm doing this in the middle of my class break.


Dear Andrea,


You were the most special person in my life, as you know i never liked anyone in game and i thought everyone hated me. You showed me i was wrong and i found a friend in you, but now that you are gone i feel empty inside not knowing what to do. I promised myself i would've never cry again, but i did and is such a shame to say i'm crying while writing this. We met about 1 and 1/2 years ago and we shared a lot of moments in and out game. We promised each other to make our dreams come true, yours was to go to the Olympics and mine was to become a professional artist. We worked so hard to achieve our goals, but now i just wish i could talk to you for a last time and tell you how much i had fell for you. I know everyone will make fun of me for this, but yes i loved roxxass and she knew about it. we would share secrets really personal ones from each other. she would come to me whenever she had problems in her relationships and i would try to give her advice. At the end i didn't have the guts to tell her i loved her, i'm shy person with he one i like.

Wherever you are right know i hope you are doing good, i will keep going my way trying to make proud of myself that friend i lost. As you told me once "Everything happens for a reason". Life is short and we can't keep living it the same way each and everyday.

Thank you my friend and i love you.

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I really cant believe such a kind person passed away so soon,


I didnt talk with her alot but i remember back in December Team Tourney 2018, when we were against AW in the first round.

I was like is this it? are we gonna lose round 1?


Both MonkeyDMathew and Roxxas were supporting me through whisper.

Even tho Roxxas was busy with her battle , she helped me out by saying nice words and i really appreciated that.

I won my match just bcs Roxxas helped me.


no roast or whatever to AW  u guys are awesome


Roxxas what u did for me back then i really appreciate that.


R.I.P my condolences to the family and friends.




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I saw this on Monday when I still was in the army, and couldn't believe it. 

Roxxass and I met for the first time in vermilion PC, her English was pretty bad and it looked like she was a happy kind of girl. Other people including me sometimes, were making fun of her English and her positive attitude back then, not in a purpose to harm of course, we were laughing with her not at her. One day I had a talk with her in PMs and she told me she doesn't like her current team, so I immediately asked her if she wants to join RISE, even tho I didn't know if she plays competitive or not and how everyone else going to feel about her joining. She refused, but the day after she took the offer.

Roxxass was such a nice and positive girl. I can't think of a person that didn't like her, and honestly, I really doubt its possible. Apparently she knew how to play competitive, and she kicked my ass at the first time we played doubles with a garbage trick room team. Me and Roxxass got very close as time went by, and we became a very good friends. She used to tell me about her week, and if anything bothers her, whether if its in MMO or in real life. She told me about relationships that didn't go too well for her and about her best friend that died not too long ago. 

More than once she told me she wants to end it all, but I promised her that me and RISE are always here for her. She used to send me her songs or drawings she made and wanted me to see when she felt a bit down or when I felt a bit down.

It's been a long time since I heard her saying she would end it all, because she got closer to us, RISE, and considered us as her family. She used Pokemon as her runaway for everything.
When I joined the army she wroye me a beautiful goodbye message in-game. She told me she would never forget me and I promised her I won't too.

God's problem, is that he always finds a way to balance us, humans, so no one will be perfect and every single one of us will have a flaw.

Roxxass was an angel. She didn't have any flaw. God saw he had made an angel, so he decided to put her in a very bad environment unfortunately. Roxxass' life were violent and more than once she had suffered from people who harmed her irl. I think of her every day the past week, my prayers goes to her family,  may you be strong.


I will never forget you. You were the best person the world could possibly know. Now, as you always wished, you can finally rest in piece.

Miss you forever, Jonathan 

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Baby I will miss you very much you are one of the most important people in the game as a personal level! You helped me and supported me when I needed it, but I couldn't be with you when I needed... I'Ll miss You so much...... Rip


att:NecroskullDark <3 

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She was truly a great friend and had a lot of dedication to this game and her team, you meet people from different countries and now they are all your friends forever all this people will remember you forever @Roxxass rest in peace hope we'll meet again. In the other world

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Rip Roxx we didn't get to talk enough but all memories I had with you were good ones.

I have nothing to add on how wonderful a person you were, I feel like everyone already said it many times and I agree with everything that was said here.

Thanks for supporting me <3

Sry for haxxing you every time OwO

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3 hours ago, DrButler said:

i actually see a psychologist twice a week, so tho i appreciate your concern, im pretty sure im fine when it comes to interacting with reality. now that we got this out of the way, feel free to show me some actual proof. lemme guess, you cant. but im the one that needs a doc.


dont get me wrong tho. unlike you guys im not claiming this whole thing is a 100% true or fake, because unlike you im able to admit that i dont have any undeniable proof, but im asking questions. because if you went through things, you´d see that there is a shitton of questions that demand answers, but its way more comfortable to do sheeple things and just eat whatever is served. i do understand that.


now hop back onto your high horse and repeat what other people have said plenty of times already. if you repeat it often enough it might even become true.

He’s agreed to take me to her resting place when I come down to mx city. Would you like a postcard of her tombstone while I’m down there

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