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April 2019 Tier Changes

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We will be using the old cutoff points of 4.36% to move up or down this month.


Moving up from UU to OU:

  • Umbreon - 4.80% Usage in OU


Moving down from OU to UU:

  • Dugtrio - 1.70% Usage in OU
  • Wobbuffet - 2.28% Usage in OU


Moving up from NU to UU:

  • Donphan - 6.31% Usage in UU
  • Eelektross - 6.08% Usage in UU


Moving down from UU to NU:

  • Houndoom - 3.72% Usage in UU
  • Slowbro - 4.33% usage in UU
  • Weezing - 4.18% usage in UU


Moving down from BL2 to NU:

  • Blaziken - The tier council has voted in favor of giving this beautiful fire bird a try in NU with its UU usage low enough for it to drop at 2.81%, expect a thread sometime in the following days opened for discussion on the matter.



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