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My post got deleted for some reason despite not breaking any rules.


If you thought the post was too short allow me to elaborate:

Adding Fairy type is like detonating a hydrogen bomb in a city in order to keep a nuclear bomb from destroying anything there, that's technically a way to do it but the city gets destroyed anyways.

Fairy Type would make stuff like Clefable, Togekiss and Azumarill so much better, that they'd likely become more of a problem than any "op dragon" would be, and that would likely result in them getting banned, to the point where it'd end up enabling the "op dragons" to run rampant anyways in OU unless you run a shitty fairy type like Granbull or something, which probably won't be too useful.

Our dragon type is different than the standard Dragon type in gen4 and 5, we have a 90 BP Outrage severely limiting the sweeping and wall breaking capabilities, our Draco Meteor has 130 BP, Hydreigon doesn't have access to it and Dragon Pulse has 85 BP instead of 90 so our Dragons hurt a lot less than vanilla BW's so we don't have to resort to terrible balancing decisions like Gamefreak has.


tl;dr : No

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