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[Record] Capture your (shiny) encounters without continuously recording

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Hey there!

As shiny hunter I love to capture the moment of encountering a shiny, not only by taking a screenshot of it but also by recording the encounter as shown here on my twitch. 


However most people including me, don't like to have a recording going on continuously and fill up their disk with 100gb of encounters recordings.
But with this tutorial that is no longer needed.

In this tutorial I will show you guys how to use Nvidia geforce experience to capture your last (1-20) minutes of gameplay with a hotkey. This way you can press the hotkey after encountering a shiny and the whole encounter will be recorded and saved on your PC. *this feauture can be used for many things, encountering a shiny is just one of them




Step 1:

Download Nvidia geforce experience (NGE), this program is very usefull besides using this for Pokemmo. It optimizes other games to your pc's best performance and it will notify you of driver updates.
Download Here


Step 2:

Open NGE and select the ingame overlay



Step 3:

Go to the settings tab on the right, scroll all the way down and click on privacycontrol, switch destkopcapture to yes.



Step 4:

Go back to the ingameoverlay tab and press on the word "settings", from here you can select the amount of minutes that will be captured   (When you press the capture hotkey it will save the video untill that point, everything after pressing the key will not be saved!)




Make sure to Enable instant replay before minimizing, you cannot record without this feature being enabled.


Multiple monitors:


NGE captures the monitor that is set as default monitor.

Make sure that pokemmo is played on your default monitor, or switch your default monitor in the windows settings.

You are all done and ready to capture every cool, funny or interesting moment on Pokemmo with just 1 keyboard combination!


If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.

Edited by Fixedgaming

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If anyone's willing to take my word for it, I've started using this and it's amazing! Download's completely malware, spyware and adware free. Thanks @Fixedgaming ♥ Hope you get a karp soon!

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1 minute ago, DeadGorilla said:

...is that really a thing people do?

Its not just for shiny hunting, imagine something cool / funny happened during a comp match, with this you are able to record it after it happened..

ofcourse its up to you to decide if you want to use this or not, if you do have a nvidia graphics card then I advice to install the program even if it is just for keeping your drivers up to date ^^

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