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Your character in GIF

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Welcome to my Character GIF shop

I am creating GIFs of your character in movement, perfect for use in:


 ✸about page

    Forum posts



I do not work for free for now. Any request requires a donation.


I need the following in order to create the GIF:

✦ Your characters walking animation, click here to see how to get it:


step 1. Get in to pokemmo and open the gift shop.

step 2. Select an item that does not change your appeareance ( an item that you already have or an item that cannot be seen with your current equiped gear.

step 3. Press the buy button to preview.

step 4. Download Screentogif and capture 2 seconds of the entire image      - Screentogif


Step 5. Save this GIF and upload it to Imgur

Step 6. Add this imgur link of your character in the post.

                                                                                                               ✦ The way you want your character to face: front , back, right, left

                                                                                                               ✦ Background: none / white / custom

                                                                                                               ✦ Custom text: if required

                                                                                                               ✦Donation: Free for team lava members! (but a donation is always appreciated)



I am planning on adding pokemon GIFs as well if there is a demand for.

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