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What is this?

This is a thread dedicated to the most iconic player-hosted event in PokeMMO: the PokeMMO Super League (PSL).


How does it work?

As a manager or player, you can participate in many ways.

Managers will draft a team of in-game players to represent them in duels over the course of a season.

Players will go head-to-head against players from other teams to claim their dominance in this game and earn the title of PSL Champion.

Or you can just be Gbwead and complain all season whilst not even participating in any way.



No ETA's Given


But why?

Because the (k)illuminati of the PSL have agreed to wait a bit longer to build HYPE.

Remember the World Cup and PSLX (or IX?!) finished not long ago.


So what now?

Get your donations ready.

A thread will be opened in the near distant future to gather funds.

As a player-run event, the community has historically provided donations for the prizepool.

There is typically upwards of 60-70m in donations, but with the economy as it is I'd hope that there will be more.


Who will host?

Not me... the new host is pretty lame tbh so I apologize.







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To exert my dominance of course

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24 minutes ago, Gunthug said:

bo3 Super Staff Bros Brawl

id play that. i hit #1 on that ladder before ez

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10 hours ago, camilo7 said:

i want be manager this time jj

ur noob bro, i go manager

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