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[LiveStream][ENG] MoxieMozzie PVP/Hunting

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Hello You Amazing people of PokeMMO!

My name is Moz and I am in love with this game!

I'm a small streamer on twitch who chills streaming PokeMMO and Shiny Hunting, PvP(lots of OU)

My current stream schedule is:  Mondays, Wednesday, Friday 9:00PM CST

Huge shout out to my current team Läva! They have been super helpful when it comes to every aspect of this game and supporting my stream! Läva is best.

I will update thread each day I go live!!

Social Media



Current Shiny Hunt: Snorlax, Marill

PvP Goals! Win a tournament , get on ou leaderboard


I'm Dibz's Dad FYI



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Just wanted to say I genuinely love your stream. So much fun virtually hanging out with you! Also you have an amazing den man-cave, you need to showcase some of the stuff in there sometime. 

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Sunday the 24th I will be streaming from Noon CST til monday Noon CST ! 24 Stream, starting strong with pvp/hunting/grinding/team pvp/ ou tourney and more!!! Come chill and hang ( I have food) 

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1 minute ago, MoxieMozzie said:

24 Hour stream has started :D


thats great moxie ill watch as much as i can

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Thanks again for streaming pokemmo for 26 hours none stop moxie, tried to stay up for most of it, had fun watching you stream, hope to see more of your streams in future.

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Ok Folks going Live , Playing through Kanto meeting new players and have fun.  New account feel free to join in. I'm rolling bug only team. RIP

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