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[Romance][Drama][Comedy] Vanilla Sky Chapter 1

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Chapter 1



-         Will you go out with me?

I was witnessing a rejection right in front of my very eyes. Sora confessed to Hotaru now that’s something new.

-         Sorry, but I can’t do that right now there is someone I like.

 [Sora ran after being rejected]

-         Blum, how much did you hear?

-         Everything…

-         It doesn’t feel right, but there was no other choice

-         It all depends on what you feel

Hotaru started crying for a couple minutes asking himself why everything had to go that way.

-         Hotaru! The teacher wants to see you in her office

Rin is a girl, she can give some advice to Hotaru. I should probably talk to her I don’t think she hates me, right?

-         Hello, Rin have you ever confessed to someone?

-         Where did that question came from?

[Rin starts to blush]

-         I was being curious sorry to bother

-         Stop messing around with me!!!

Well that wasn’t helpful at all, how does anyone fall in love? And why? I just don’t understand that feeling.

-         Blum is that you?

-         Yes, what are you doing here big sister?

This is my sister Rea. She has been taken care of me after our parents died in a car accident.

-         I wanted to know how my little brother was doing at school that’s all

-         Stop treating me like a kid!

-         I can’t after all we have to take care of each other

-         I’ll be going to work make sure to cook something before I get home

She treats me like a spoiled child, but I can’t hate her after all she’s done for me.

-         Finally, is lunch time Blum

-         Are you having bread, or did you bring your own lunch?

-         I brought my own today

-         We should go to the roof I have to tell you something

I wonder what Hotaru wants to tell me after all this time we haven’t kept secrets from each other since we were kids.

-         Blum, I think I like Rin

-         Ohh! Really?

-         Yes, since the first moment I saw her I felt she was the one

This is the first time Hotaru has ever liked someone so I think I must support him however I can.

[Next day]

Today the school’s festival will start, as expected Hotaru will confess to Rin during the fireworks.

-         You look good Rin

-         You are beautiful girl!

I forgot our class was doing a maid café… I hope they don’t make me do..

-         Blum, don’t you think Rin looks cute in her made costume?

I turned around to see Rin. She was normally looking beautiful with her loose hair, but now she was using a pony tail.

[Blum blushes]

-         I guess she doesn’t look bad

-         Is that everything you are going to tell her?

-         I need to go and get the food ready

Why is this happening to me? I couldn’t give her a normal response. I couldn’t say she was pretty.

-         Are you ok Blum?

-         It looks like you are down for some reason.

-         I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel weird

-         What do you mean?

-         This is something new for me I’ve never been interested in someone

-         Not until now

-         I think i love Rin

I knew the problem I was getting into by telling Hotaru how I felt.

-         Don’t screw with me Blum you know what I feel

-         I know Is just that I never felt this way

-         Get away from us!


-         I will

[Both of them left their way]

-         I didn’t think you would be hiding here

-         Sora…

-         I heard everything, does he really like Rin?

-         Hotaru?

-         I’m afraid he does

She hasn’t given up after all.

-         What should I do Sora?

-         Don’t need to ask me

-         Just follow you heart

-         I don’t know how she feels and Hotaru…

-         If you tell her now you will be rejected, or she might respond to your feelings

-         Either way if you don’t do it Hotaru will and you will regret it all your life.

For being so young she knows what she is talking about.

-         Sora!

[I tried hiding behind the room]

-         Rin, what are you doing here?

-         I was looking for you

-         We need you help in the café

-         Wait, Rin

-         I need to ask you something

-         What is it?

-         Have you ever fallen in love?

[Rin remembers Blum asking the same question]

-         I did when I was a kid

-         Sadly, my family had to move out of this city

-         I came back to see if I could still find him


-         Rin, is that?

-         Yes, Sora it is him.

-         I found him

I want to know what they are talking about! This suck I need to hide while they are still here or else...

Now that I come to think something similar happened to me in the past. It was at the time I lost my parents. I would cry a lot because I felt lonely, but I met a girl and she changed my life completely.


It would be nice to see her again


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