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NU & UU Matchmaking Thread

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So as everyone pretty much knows NU and UU matchmaking is fairly dead. So I thought I'd make a thread for when anyone is gonna hop on; they say it here and get a few other people on too. Maybe we could even arrange set times on set days to try and revive this feature, as the ability to play NU and UU is there but no one uses it. Collectively maybe we can get this ball rolling and actually get some matches, it's a long shot but as NU and UU tours fill I don't see why we can't have active matchmaking for the two.



There's now a discord server for arranging matchmaking battles: https://discord.gg/Tk8PHRx (If you are interested in playing NU or UU ladder i would highly recommend joining here as it will be alot more active than this thread)


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If there is some sort of a site, or application, or even something we can make to allow people to basically insert a name and click ready.
Then when the minimum number required is hit, everyone "ready" gets notified, and prepares to register for the next round of UU or/and NU

The only problem with this, is that the number of people -wanting to play NU/UU- online at the same time is pretty low I think.

In the light of that I'd go as far as to suggest removing both the "minimum match making req" and the "rewarded BP"

That way, even two people can use that matchmaking without abusing the rewards system..
We are in it for the fun after all, don't think any of us is playing for BP

I'm talking about normal match-making, since ranked would be even harder to organize anyway.


This is not the first time we see this thread, I even suggested a first win of the day for each tier, to attract other players to click that UU and NU buttons with some UI.
It was completely ignored by the admins (I think at least) :D

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This is amazing man! some time ago we had some UU matches happening.. i played one of those.. took a lot of effort and whisps here and there.. having a thread that we can ask for games and some "good willing" spam in global might get those 2 tiers going!! feels like a good start.. appreciate the effort

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39 minutes ago, MaatthewMLG said:


this matchmaking boi always send me the same message 

ban him imo 


Timezones will be an issue until we get more people into the Discord server. I think if we can branch out more into the Hispanic and Chinese communities then we'd have more success

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