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NU Pokes for sale

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Calm Slowking 31,x,31,30,31,31

Bold Slowking 31,x,31,30,30,31
jolly donphan 30,31,29,x,28,31
bold blastoise 31,x,30,27,28,31
Timid poliwrath 27,x,29,31,27,31
hasty simisage 27,31,26,31,27,31
modest vileplume 28,x,29,31,27,31

jolly primeape 31,31,30,x,30,31
timid froslass 31,x,31,29,30,31 (ot rache sgm)
jolly kangaskhan 30,31,29,x,28,31 
timid butterfree 29,x,29,31,28,31

timid ludicolo 30,x,30,31,30,31
timid ninetales 29,x,28,31,27,31
jolly marowak 26,31,31,x,27,31
naive raichu 30,31,30,31,30,31
careful flareon 31,31,30,x,31,31
impish druddigon 31,30,31,x,30,31 (untrained)
jolly venipede 30,31,29,x,21,31
careful throh 30,30,30,x,31,28 (untraiend)





updating to add more pokes :P just offer me


Edited by DarylDixon

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On 3/9/2019 at 8:55 AM, DarylDixon said:

timid froslass 31,x,31,29,30,31

got spikes egg?

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4 minutes ago, Lvkee said:

do me a good deal for eel and druddi pls Lo. <3

eelek is on gtl for 1m,. druddigon got 800k offer

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*blastoise has fake out or muddy wat/water spout egg ? if yes how much

*calm slowking how much ?

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