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MMO World Cup Semi finals

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#croissantisalive #Torero #Oleoleoleoleeeee #Tomuchdrama #Rulesarerules #Tomuchbaycrying #Fistofauthority #Nomoreappeals #2moreweeks




World Cup Standings and Schedule: https://challonge.com/6aboytff#
World Cup Rosters and Statistics:

Note: The spreadsheet are not update with the actual week. Last update was at the end of week 7.




Yellow Card: Busso, sgerard, RayUwU, ZDfire, OscarFail.


Red card: 


As a reminder:


As a participant in the World Cup, you will maintain respect for your hosts, captains, teammates, opponents, and for yourself at all times. Any unnecessary or excessively inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action.



Even though World Cup is a team event, ghosting is not allowed. Players have to play their own battle, take decisions with their teammates if he want but without friends or spectators. Spectators are not allowed to make predictions publicly.

Remember that any disconection will be a insta lose, if your battle time ove (clock battle) you will lose without getting rematch.



If a player is unable to compete during the week, a captain has the right to substitute that player out of the line-up in exchange for one of his bench players. Any player that has been subbed out will be inactivated for the remainder of that week. The goal of the World Cup is to have every match played in their allotted weeks, but unforeseen events do occur. If a captain is able to make a substitution in order to have the match played, the hosts will ensure that it happens otherwise this will be deemed “inappropriate behavior” for match evading and that manager may risk losing by an activity decision.


  • Contact your opponent by PM on Discord or the PokeMMO Forums as soon as possible.
  • Provide dates and times in order to schedule a match anytime throughout the week.
  • PokeMMO duels will take place in Vermilion city ch4
  • Announce your duel in this thread between 5 & 15 minutes before it starts. If you don't a rematch will have to take place.
  • If you have trouble contacting your opponent, contact your captain and your opponent's captain so the appropriate actions can be made.
  • Extensions will only be given for extreme cases. Playing a match during another week can really set things back. 
  • If you can't find your opponent's forum name or IGN, just go ask with ur captain and then he will speak with the hosts.
  • If your opponent's PokeMMO Forum inbox is full, then contact that player by posting on their profile feed or on Discord
  • When you contact your opponent, present at least three (3) different times that you are available throughout the week, preferably on different days
  • You must respond to a PM by your opponent within 48 hours; if you do not you will need to be subbed out or face an activity decision loss
  • If a substitution is made, it will be as if a new week has started and the players will need to contact one another as outlined above
  • If you are unable to duel during the week, please request a substitution from your captain. Unforeseen events do happen.
  • If you believe your opponent cannot duel or has ignored your PM, please add the host and the related captaons so that they can take appropriate action




MMO World Cup Semi Finals line ups:


Colombia vs Spain A 

Ou: enchanteur vs Kiwikidd

Uu: AurumPegasus vs Joalza

Nu: xxjorelxx vs Makx

Lc: OscarFail vs Navetas

Doubles: iJulianFNT vs RealDevilLegend


France A vs Belgium  

Ou: Rikoudo vs Stelian

Uu: Nonopetitrobot vs Mkns

Nu: Hopy vs TheBeldumMaster

Lc: Jaawax Le Zenor vs Samoerai

Doubles: Kragy vs MaatthewMLG



- 1st Place Prize -
90 M & 10 lava coockies for the team (I know is cookies not coockies)

- 2nd Place Prize -

22 M for the team & 5 lava coockies, 10 castelia cones


- 3rd Place Prize -

10 M for the team & 5 catelia cones


To be fair about the prize for each place, the main host will deliver the prize to each player instead to deliver it to the captain, the main host will divide the money of each place between the number of players of the winner team, this will help to avoid any issue with the captain of any team.


Begin Thursday  7th of March at 10 am UTC - 11 am BST - 5 AM EDT

Deadline Wednesday, 13th of March at 1 am UTC - 2 am BST - 9 PM EDT

Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP!

Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread between 5 &15 minutes before it starts.

All in-game battles shall be played in Vermilion city ch4.

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1 hour ago, DoubleJ said:

Lol zero replies. PSL when???

Like the 2 last weeks from the psl X :S What about 2021? owo

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13 hours ago, Roxxass said:

Like the 2 last weeks from the psl X :S What about 2021? owo

PSLX sucked. Needed more JJ.

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Posted (edited)
26 minutes ago, DoubleJ said:

PSLX sucked. Needed more JJ.

Why dont u host a new psl? I can help u finding donations and some other stuff .-. 

Edited by Roxxass

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1 hour ago, DoubleJ said:

PSLX sucked. Needed more JJ.

I thought you retired.

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9 hours ago, Nawe said:

just give me manager spot to buy mat and bench him and i will vote for you to host, ty

Here I was thinking if I should bench you again.

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Posted (edited)

in 30 min after duel navetas oscarfail 

XXjorelXX vs Makx 

Edited by mackx

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12 hours ago, pachima said:

Here I was thinking if I should bench you again.

you cant use the best strat always pachi, also im not playing again (at least not for now)

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