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Villa Gathering III (Sunday, Mar. 17th)

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Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

Team Tag: [VVVV]

Registered Players: Aerun, Parke, OrangeManiac, Zigh, CHUCKunso, Imabetheverybest, Razimove, HXIN

Team Captain: Aerun

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Team Name:RedMarkWarrior
Team Tag:RmW

Team Captain:ArtuxXx


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Team Name: AsgardWarrios
Team Tag: Aw
Registered Players: Frags, LKrenz, AurumPegasus, Haazuu, Mlhawk, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL, enchanteur, kiwikidd, AxLKghost,

NecroskullDark, yosoyarca, Sejuani, Pitzzin, AlejandroGB, MaatthewMLG
Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account: enchanteur ( @camilo7

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Team name: ColdWar

Team Tag: Cöld

Players registered: YEYOxD, StrikerOak, Nowall, urquidi, Cristi, AngelosRed, Alberthrich, JosueVMT, ChilyOCB, Waldofabian, Tsutan, Tenzzou, TheElliot, xZeyogamer, ShuviDola

Team captain: NoWall

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Team name: YggBrazil

Team Tag: YB

Players registered: LelouchZeroo, ALDAIRNASCIMENTO, jwsmend, Boyscap, JhowCrazy, MakarovMaster, DeadWind, RickAlvares, Shiforinfulas, CleytonVale, WesleySafadaooo, LightSoulz, DylanWoodz, SidClassic

Team captain: MakarovMaster

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Team Name: ColdWar
Team Tag: [Cöld]
Registered Players: YEYOxD, StrikerOak, NoWall, urquidi, Albertrich, JosueVMT, ChilyOCB, WaldoFabian, Tenzzou, Tsutan, TheElliot, AngelosRed, xZeyoGamer, Cristi, xShandow.

Team Captain: NoWall

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WindTeam Name: DustintheWind
Team Tag: WIND
Registered Players: Rynners, Blue, ChampionofCapua, Staggiie, Cinthel, Gatpen, Vegeta, Ninjaleel, TooFastForJack, EthanOs, MightyBoxer, Khaeseel, donttakethebait, LazyDarren, CoolLikeJerry
Team Captain: Blue 

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10 hours ago, rizzer said:


Team Tag: Live

Team Name: Little veterans

Team Players: Abstractt, Luisanderson, MrNoa, Isperea, Wiriketchup, ZDFire, xLuneth, Souu, Brianattackpro, Rayuwu, Yanstrixd, ACZINO, Crisscy and Cessy (The twin ladies),

Captain: Wiriketchup

@rizzer @isperea

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Teams currently registered in order of enrollment

1. LËM - @CupidOfSorrow

2. Líve - @wiriketchup

3. HDLM - @isi1993

4. RISÉ - @Zymogen

5. ÔDIN - @IIDannyII

6. läva - @Funkykong

7. MéTá - @SapphireStone

8. HPX - @cjmystogan

9. RmW - @ArtuxXx

10. SIÂ - @gbwead

11. Aw - @camilo7

12. RÂGE - @Chjul19 - Please list participating team members, and designate a captain

13. VVVV - @Aerun

14. NORE - @LifeStyle

15. Cöld - @NoWall

16. YB - @Makarovmaster


WinÐ - @Jerryzoo - Please list participating team members, and designate a captain
LØRÐ - @macho245



Are you guys not in a position to compete this Sunday? I ask because this is the first Villa Gathering you didn't enroll for.

GHIS - @Ghiscar@JerryPk

LØRÐ - @TiToooo@Sebat

ÄURA - @RysPicz@DarylDixon

LYLE - @Laz

Teams dropping from the running is common enough, so please register if you'd still like to compete.

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Thank you for reminding us about the Villa Gathering, but currently almost entire Aura is taking a break from the game due to various reasons (burned out, irl reasons, game is boring). I'll ask the team if they wish to play, though, and come back with a response soon :)

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Team Name: The Lords of Inactives 
Team Tag: LØRÐ
Registered Players: Caanserbero Aleso Redav TiToooo Giantpipe Sebat Santiii AngelOrgulloso Kepzal EpicVerde Risadex KiiritoX OscarFail
Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account: Caanserbero / @macho245

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