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Villa Gathering III (Sunday, Mar. 17th)

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~  Villa Gathering III ~

You're invited to participate in the third unofficial team tournament

hosted at the Undella estate


~ Reigning Champions ~

Asgard Warriors



5 Tier Team Tournament


16 Teams | 6v6 Tournament Mode Duels

Single Elimination | Bronze Match

The Villa, Undella Town - Channel 5

Date & Time
Sunday, March 17th

15:00 EDT | 19:00 UTC

Time Zone Converter

Friday, March 15th
EDT | 19:00 UTC

Time Zone Converter

All participants must be registered - Only those enrolled may compete
The order of enrollment will determine the bracket

Should they wish to compete, reigning champions are consider enrolled for the sake of defending their title

At the time of registration, submit your team's information in the provided format

Team Name:
Team Tag:
Registered Players:
Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account:

(I will be contacting each team captain directly regarding the tournament's administration)


The number of registered players should not exceed 15

Posts should not be edited after the tournament has begun



 Players battle as teams (5 at a time) | Teams can switch out which members compete between rounds

 During battle, teams will stand in columns facing their opponents

▪️ The first spot of the column will be an OU match

▪️ The second spot will be an UU match

▪️ The third spot will be a NU match

▪️ The fourth spot will be a LC match

▪️ The fifth spot will be a Doubles match

 Once your match is called, your team will have 10 minutes to attend

 Disconnecting during a match will result in disqualification

 When there is a tie (2-2) and the fifth match takes over an hour, the host may decide the outcome of the duel




- 1st Place Prize -
3M & TM87 for each of the 5 champions

- 2nd Place Prize -

1.5M for each of the 5 runner-ups


- 3rd Place Prize -

500K for each of the 5 second runner-ups




CM Wudenbachs






@MathewMat - 4M

@PinkLabel - 1.5M

@Dibz - 1M

@Chjul19 - 500K

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You think you can take first in the Team Tournament and the Villa Gathering back-to-back? That would certainly be something to see.

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3 minutes ago, Wudenbachs said:

You think you can take first in the Team Tournament and the Villa Gathering back-to-back? That would certainly be something to see.

I hope so, we'll do our best for this.

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Team Name: SimplyLemonade
Team Tag: [LËM]
Registered Players: Zuladra, TWOTAM, Beebam, SansaStarkx, Javil, Linfanz, Ademaya, Jcolass, HackGame, mattiedude, Ivven, Dwaasje, atclifestyle, Kunimizu, CupidofSorrow
Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account: Linfanz

Edited by Linfanz

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Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath
Team Tag: HDLM
Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, Makx, Nagahex, xMago, Joalza, Zreetx, Navetas, AaronRC, VadimEmpoleon, DarkQuiler, lKillua, Lluvvia, KEIMBWG, BlascoN, JasonSparrowX, AssasinGK, Killuminatis
Team Captain: RealDevilLegend

Edited by isi1993

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Team Name: The Uprising

Team Tag: RISÉ

Registered Players:  Zymogen xSparkie Butler TheChampionMike Luke Suneet EreshkigalLOltann SweeTforU Bakugo Zhiko bblloomberg Nahwel Roxxass TohnR

Team Captain: Zymogen 




Edited by xSparkie

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Team Name: TheRankedPlayers
Team Tag: ÔDIN
Registered Players: JuLioZm, llDannyll, WellexGame, RelampagoRojo, xSerpereorx, Megadethx, XxZerosempaixX, DonElectron, Pokkemongoo, LucasXCI, KetchumPro, MoisesCC
Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account: IIDannyII

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Team Name: HuntersProExtreme
Team Tag: HPX
Registered Players: RHENOR, cjmystogan,faarem, locksmithmon, gerardowa, IMika, kriger, Machiasu,Zaiik, Horsman, GloryBlack, NoobJoestar
Team Captain: cjmystogan


Edited by Locksmithmon

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Team Name:RedMarkWarrior
Team Tag:RmW


Team Captain:ArtuxXx

Edited by ArtuxXx

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Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra
Team Tag: [SIÂ]
Registered Players: gbwead, Stelian, Mkns, InsecateurBleu, Pinklabel, TheBeldumMaster, Schuchty, Kriliin, Lunarck, Tawla, NonoPetitRobot, Zokuru, Hopy.
Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account: gbwead

Edited by MknsZblex

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Team Tag: Live

Team Name: Little veterans

Team Players: Abstractt, Luisanderson, MrNoa, Isperea, Wiriketchup, ZDFire, xLuneth, Souu, Brianattackpro, Rayuwu, Yanstrixd, ACZINO,BlackHunterX, Shiigo, Varick, Crisscy and Cessy (The twin ladies),

Captain: Wiriketchup

Edited by isperea
Agregue mas players

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Team Name: Asgard Warriors

Team Tag: Aw

Registered Players: Frags, LKrenz, AurumPegasus, Haazuu, Mlhawk YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL, enchanteur, kiwikidd, AxlKghost, cholocarbon, yosoyarca, Sejuani, pitzzin, AlejandroGB, MaatthewMLG

Team Captain: Enchanteur

Edited by camilo7

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