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Pokemon Sword/Shield

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1 hour ago, axx said:

Did that linoone evolve? Also what is 'buio'?

Dark Type


Yeah, i guess Linoone got a new evolution

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On 6/14/2019 at 2:46 PM, Munya said:

Good riddance. I personally think it is about time.

So much salt on the internet about it though, hilarious to read as someone entirely in favor of this move.  I hope they don't flop on this decision but if they do, I hope I don't act like the people I have seen complaining about it.


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I'll just cry in my room where nobody can see about the 60$ I wasted on it whichever way it ends up going


I'm for it as well, since I understand why they did it if I have it correct.


Evidently the fidelity is much higher, or at least it tries to be, so it makes sense that they have to cut things to fit everything.


There is also supposedly a system, much like in Let's Go, where you can interact with your pokemon. A camp system where you can play with, cook for, etc your pokemon as well as similar to Let's Go with simple interactions. It would require a lot more time and resources to go back and add all of the animations for each of the 800ish pokemon.

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5 minutes ago, londark said:

Yeah, i guess Linoone got a new evolution

It did, apparently just for the Galarian form?


Btw, feels good to finally have a pokemon that represents me


Full belly mode / Hungry mode

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Posted (edited)

There's more in the japanese preview



Wonder if he stores his pokemon on that backpack...

Edited by axx

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