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illusion confusion (can you find the dog)

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\\Team catching event //

Date and Time

 Saturday 2nd March /1:00 pm EST /6:00pm GMT



Lostlorn forest ch1(right of nimbasa city along route 16) anyone needs any help please ask in

team chat and people will help you find the forest 



1 hour to catch your entry/10 minutes to submit it



Zorua will be only Pokemon that counts

hint it will help to learn a good way to catch them before the event 


Bonus Natures

Rash + 5 points



To win this event u must submit an entry that scores the highest in total

Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held

your entry must be unchanged(untrained/unevolved)

your entry has to be your ot 

you can only submit 1 Pokemon as entry

if a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determined by the earliest catch time



any spoiling will result in disqualification

(dont link your entry during event )



please come 10 min before event starts so we wont have any delays

also you can try and find one before event to give your self more chance of winning 



1 place

6x31 comp Zoroark  

2 place


3 place



Good luck to all!hope u have fun ^-^

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