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FiRe and Friends Regional Relay Race (Sunday, February 24th)

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FiRe and Friends Regional Relay Race


You are now formally invited to Team FiRe and Friends Regional relay race on Sunday, February 24th!

This is a multi-stage catching event consisting of 6 separate stages within the region of Kanto.

The first to link a valid entry for each stage will be declared a winner and be awarded a prize!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate with our team during this event.

Get ready... Get set... and let the racessss..... BEGIN!


Sunday, February 24th, 4:00pm EST 



Kanto - Channel 2


(Picture in Diglett's Cave)



There will be six stages total.

At the beginning of each stage a species and nature will be announced in channel chat by the host.

The stage will end once any player has submitted an eligible entry.

Once the stage has been completed, a new species and nature will be announced for the next stage.

Each stage begins with a new species and nature.

Winners will be announced after each stage and prizes will be awarded once the event has concluded (via mail).


 To win a stage you must be the first to link a pokémon that meets the qualifications (via normal chat).

In the event that two people link a valid entry at the same time, the winner will be decided by earliest catch time.

 You must link your entry to the host via normal chat for your entry to be considered valid.

All pokémon must be caught after the stage has been announced and within the region of Kanto.

All pokémon must remain unchanged. (untrained/unevolved)

 Players must be the OT of the pokémon.



300,000 PokéYen will be awarded to the winner of each stage of the event. 







see you there!



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11 hours ago, RhExX said:

Looking forward to the newest event! I hope to meet the new people that come. ^^

Thank you for your continued support, Rex! <3

6 hours ago, BulbyBuds said:

Sweet, can't wait for another event!

Cant wait to see you there!

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I see u guys there !!!!!!!! 






                                                                                                       Create byCinthel

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First off, thank you to everyone who participated!

Second, CONGRATS to

 @Sanddrews  for winning one round


@JesusS7 for winning one round


@MightyBoxer for winning four rounds!




See you guys at the next events!



Eeveelution Event:



Spinda Surprise:



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Congrats guys !!! , i wake up late :(((( 







                                                                                                       Create byCinthel

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21 minutes ago, JesusS7 said:

Hurt u didn't tag me ;-;

I tried and you didn't pop up, I was trying to tag your IGN.

I will fix it now (:


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