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Cooperative battles 2 vs 2



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Hello, I would like to take up this topic again because it seems to me quite interesting. 
2 v 2 not only implement a new game mode that itself is already entertaining, but give us the ability to make more versatile duels, play together with and not only with other players, while opening a new world inside of this great world of pokemmo in which many people get tired of the multiwall teams
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Un cambio como ese la verdad es que les daría una nueva motivación y jugabilidad a gran numero de usuarios y como ya han citado anteriormente la experiencia PVP siempre es algo más que vs IA por muy bien que esta esté hecha, que lo está. Si lo planteas con perspectiva, qué juego masivo en linea no tiene la opción de batirse en duelo con los demás usuarios en sus distintos modos? zombies no cuenta ^^


A change like that the truth is that it would give a new motivation and gameplay to a large number of users and as they have already mentioned, the PVP experience is always something more than vs AI, no matter how well it is done, that it is. If you raise it with perspective, what massive game online does not have the option to fight duel with other users in its different modes? zombies do not count ^^

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No sólo eso si no que además aportaría algo único en los juegos de pokemon. La posibilidad de hacer 2 v 2 y hacer un ladder abriría las puertas de jugabilidad de mucha gente a parte de que haría más entretenido el juego en sí.


Not only that, but also bring something unique in the pokemon games. The possibility of doing 2 v 2 and doing a ladder would open the doors of gameplay of many people besides that would make the game more entertaining itself.

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After a Lunar New Year event of China, I am very interested and calibrate in playing in double players. 


Please, make a 2 players vs players in a link battle! 

Link battle

1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4

2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 

3x3, 3x4


Pyramids free dream battle 

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