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Cooperative battles 2 vs 2


Hello, it would be good that cooperative battles existed 2 against 2 by means of links and double battles,  2 so called players "X" and other 2 called "Y". It would be good to give a usefulness to the link of the events, outside these, TY.

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It's not a bad idea ..., however, the cooperative battles would not be as coordinated as a simple double combat can be, these would be ... erratic, I think

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Why would they Narrador ? You already have Coop 2 vs AI in the mixed battle tower and it works pretty well :)

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The battles It would be pvp

5 hours ago, TohnR said:

¿Por qué iban ellos a narrador? Ya tienes Coop 2 vs AI en la torre de batalla mixta y funciona bastante bien :)


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16 hours ago, Narrador said:

No es una mala idea ..., sin embargo, las batallas cooperativas no serían tan coordinadas como podría ser un simple doble combate, estas serían ... erráticas, creo

Would be better with a friend that you accustom to play, For chat of link or for program of voice.

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