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WTS Holly Hairclip | WTB Comps and LF Breeder

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I'm only interested in cash or Time Limited Vanity for the Holly Hairclip


Leave your offers here or catch me:

In-game: Zymogen

On Discord: Zymo#9930





WTB Comps:



Adamant SD Lucario

Naive/Hasty Tyranitar w/ Pursuit Egg Move

Jolly, Modest Salamence

Rash Dragonite 

Timid Magnezone

Adamant Gyarados

Impish Gliscor

Naive Mienshao

Adamant Kabutops w/ Rapid Spin Egg Move



Naive/Adamant Electivire

Jolly Braviary

Modest Vanilluxe

Adamant Aggron

Adamant Golurk

Adamant Hitmonchan w/ Rapid Spin

Timid Mismagius

Naive Archeops

Adamant Ambipom

Timid Sceptile (Specs preferably)

Bold Clefable

Timid Raichu

Relaxed Quagsire

Druddigon (Unsure on nature so offer anyway and I'll decide)

Adamant Hariyama

Modest/Quiet Eelektross

Adamant Crustle

Jolly Scyther

Edited by Zymogen

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Sold Rudolphs


Looking to spend a good chunk of pure yen on more Time Limited Vanity - offers of Penguin Costume, Lillipad, Reaper Hoods etc. all welcome

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