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Team läva Monophobia League

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Team läva Monophobia League

We will do a Team läva leagues every 6months, Registrations will take place till 2019-02-20

Each player will play each other once depending on what group you are registered in,  Match must be played by a certain date, when i announce them, 

Please register with your name before the registration date.





4v4 OU Monotype

Single Battle
Level 50



Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Item Clause


1st place Prize:



2nd place Prize:




3rd place Prize:





Edited by MathewMat

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                                                    Group A        Wins   Loses                                                                       Group B           WIns    Loses 

                                                          Cali                                 1                                                                              AxelBlizzard                           7

                                                     MHkaserz               4             3                                                                             MoxieMozzie            4            3

                                                           Rin                      6             1                                                                                 xxxAgisxxx            2            5

                                                     Rizlatokes               4            3                                                                                     Aldroc                 4            2

                                                        Nikhill                    4              3                                                                              Getovaherez            6             1

                                                         Goku                                     7                                                                             PoseidonWrath       5           2

                                                     FunkyKong              3               4                                                                           YouthofToday           2            5

                                                     KawaiiRem                                7                                                                                RayEater               4          3


Top 2 players of each group will face each other in semi finals if the person is tied, with points the tiebreaker is the head to head match decided who moves on.

Edited by MathewMat

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 All Match's and Results


Week 1

You have between Feb 22nd and Feb 29th to play your match's post results here 


Cali W vs Nikhill

Funkykong W vs KawaiiRem

Goku vs MHKaserz W

Rin W vs Rizlatokes 

Youthoftoday W vs xxxagisxxx

Getovaherez W vs Moxiemozzie

Rayeater W vs Axelblizzard

Aldroc W vs PoseidonWrath


You have between March 2nd and March 9th to play your match's post results here 

Week 2

Cali W vs MHKaserz

Goku vs KawaiiRem W

Funkykong W vs Rin

Nikhill  W vs Rizlatokes

Aldroc vs Rayeater W

Getovaherez W vs Axelblizzard

xxxagisxxx vs Posidonwrath W

MoxieMozie W vs Youthoftoday


You have between march 12th to march 18th to play your match's, If your still missing match's from last week please get does match's in


Week 3

Cali W vs FunkyKong

Rizlatokes W vs KawaiiRem

Goku vs Rin W

MHKaserz W vs Nikhill

Getovaherez W vs Posidonwrath

Youthoftoday  vs AxelBlizzard W

xxxagisxxx vs Rayeater W

Moxiemozzie W vs Aldroc


Week 4

You Have between March 19th and the 26th to play your match's

Cali  W vs Goku

KawaiiRem vs MHKaserz W

Rizlatokes W vs Funkykong

Rin W vs Nikhill

Getovaherez W vs xxxAgisxxx

Posidonwrath W vs YouthofToday

Aldroc W vs Axelblizzard

Moxiemozzie W vs Rayeater



You Have between March 27th and april 3rd to play your match's

Week 5

Cali  W vs RizlaTokes

Rin W vs KawaiiRem

Funkykong vs Mhkaserz W

Goku vs Nikhill w

Getovaherez vs Youthoftoday W

Aldroc W vs xxxagisxxx

Axelblizzard vs Moxiemozzie W

Rayeater vs Posidonwrath W

Week 6

Cali vs Rin W

Funkykong w vs Goku

Nikhill W vs Kawaiirem

MhKazers vs Rizlatokes W

Getovaherez W vs Aldroc

Moxiemozzie vs   xxxagisxxx W

Poseidonwrath W vs Axelblizzard

Rayeater W vs youthoftoday


Week 7

Cali W vs KawaiiRem

Funkykong vs Nikhill W

Mhkazers vs Rin W

Rizlatokes W vs Goku

Getoverherez  W vs Rayeater

Moxiemozzie vs Poseidonwrath W

Aldroc W vs Youthoftoday

xxxagisxxx  W vs Axelblizzard

Edited by MathewMat

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I have posted groups if i have missed your name in registration please let me know 


Edited by MathewMat

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