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Strategies for the Lunar Event

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Anybody got any strategies that have worked in getting them far into the game and thus a higher score?

I am aware that the pokemon you start with is random, but I'm still curious and want to hear you guys' strategies that got you as far as it did.

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Little important things I've noticed after my runs:


1) Estimate the number of enemies you need to kill, and kill them from "outside in", meaning defeat the pokes farther away from the shrine first, then kill the ones near the shrine last to finish the wave. This allows you to choose what pokes to change to to deal with a new wave. Knowing this wouldve saved my team several times, instead of getting stuck with mons that were good for the previous wave but bad after the reset. 


2) Best mons early (i think) are ponyta and mankey, and tauros is pretty much a must have with its headbutt stab + rest and sleep talk. Chimchar imo is too frail, and fake out falls off hard after the 3rd round. I don't know about all mons, but i think charmeleon/zard and dragonite are really good later on. 



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