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Changelog: 08/02/2019


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  • CNY2019:
    • Nian rewards (Lucky Red Envelope) now scale up per Nian defeat in an instance, with a formula of ((defeated*2)+(nian-1)), scaling as 2->5->9 for 1/2/3 Nians defeated per instance
    • Updated wave clear bonus gold coins:
      • Previously, this would give +1/+3/+5/+7 gold coins for every 3 waves respectively (capping at +7)
      • Now, the event gives +1/+2/+3/+5/+7 for every 3 waves (capping at +7, with a minimum of 3 waves required for +1)
      • Nian rewards retain their 1x bonus for each nian defeated (+1 GC for 1 Nian, +2 GC for 2 Nians, ...)
    • Increased copper coin ratios slightly
  • NPC sell prices for Berries have been reduced slightly:
    • Cheri/Chesto/Pecha/Rawst/Aspear/Persim/Razz/Bluk/Nanab/Wepear/Pinap berries have been reduced from $700 to $550
    • Figy/Wiki/Mago/Aguav/Iapapa/Cornn/Magost/Rabuta/Nomel reduced from $900 to $700
    • Spelon/Pamtre/Watmel/Durin/Belue/Occa/Passho/Wacan/Rindo/Yache/Chople/Kebia/Shuca/Coba/Payapa/Tanga/CHarti/Kasib/Haban/Colbur/Babiri/Chilan reduced from $1100 to $900
    • Liechi/Ganlon/Salac/Petaya/Apicot/Lansat/Starf/Enigma/Micle/Custap/Jaboca/Rowap/Lum reduced from $1300 to $1050


Bug Fixes

  • Distance calculations for AoE aggro in coop events now uses a round radii (previously, this was square)
  • Fixed battle timers breaking in some PvP battles
  • Fixed an issue where, if one player died to the Nian in CNY2019 but won the battle, a life would be eaten
  • Red Envelopes no longer give untradeable TMs
  • Fixed an issue where, if both players attempted to aggro a coop NPC at the same time, sometimes the last person seen would get stuck temporarily
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