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Make spectating mode a bit more clear


Right now, it's hard to know who is who when you are spectating; it says for example Player A vs Player B, but you don't see who is on which side. The only way to know is to check the server log. My suggestion is to add for example, 2 coloured boxes next to the pokemon's hp, and the same color next to the player name, or something like that.

Also, I would like to suggest allowing us to spectate players in our friend list.

Thank you for your time!

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When it's Player A vs Player B, you're not seeing the match from the Player A's perspective always ?

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All the Duels can be observed while the battlers are in the PVP, in the Classification or in the Tournaments, you can also observe the battles of your friends that are close to your character.

Your idea of adding a color to differentiate who is the player A and B, I find interesting ... but always observes the duels from the perspective of player A.


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