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PokeMMO NU Teambuilding Lab

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 The PokeMMO NU Teambuilding Lab

*insert sick NU artwork here*


Hello, everyone. Throughout our time in NU, we have noticed that many newer players struggle to build effective teams. In an effort to rectify that, we will join forces with several experienced NU players to host the NeverUsed Teambuilding Lab. Here, users can post Pokemon sets or cores that they would like the Lab staff to build a team around. The Lab staff may then reply with their team and the team building process they used so that the client can see our thought processes, and, as a result, better develop their ability to build their own teams in the future.

Also, in an effort to improve all of us and get some quality discussion for the thread, we're going to propose that you guys take the builds we create, play around 5 games on the ladder with them at a decent rank, and if you aren´t pleased come back here to talk about how to expand your teambuilding from there. Sample teams are to be collected in the PokeMMO Teambuilding Megathread.




  • Have a one-paragraph description (3-4 lines should suffice) with the set or core you want us to build around and a slight idea of what kind of team you want the end result to be. Also, actually have the set(s) you want us to use in your post. This makes the process of building teams faster for all of us here.
  • Do not post asking us to make use of unviable Pokemon. This is not a competition to see how good we are at team building; this is us trying to educate people about what is good in the meta and how to build effective teams. If you're requesting a core, make sure that you provide good reasoning as to why that core is worth building around in the current metagame. Even if only one Pokemon is to be built around, it must be viable enough in the current metagame to warrant receiving the time and effort of our staff. We reserve the right to decline any request that we do not feel meets the Lab's quality standards.
  • Each user is allowed one request per week. If any user is found requesting multiple teams within that timeframe, the offending posts will be deleted and the user may see further punishment.
  • Please remember that these teams are first drafts and, as such, will not be perfect. Edit them as you please. That being said, builders must be willing to take constructive criticism regarding their teams and those who point out the flaws of a builder's team should contribute to the team's improvement in a constructive manner so that the builders and the clients can grow as players.
  • Do not flame people for asking for a certain Pokemon or for being unable to build around something themselves.
  • On that note, you are free (and highly encouraged) to suggest and post the changes or critiques you've made to already posted teams that you feel improve them.
  • However, you are not allowed to post your own teams here to have us modify them. We're here to build new teams, not modify older ones. If you want your own teams critiqued and modified, post them in the RMT forum, not here.
  • If people didn´t find the time to build something for you yet, please be patient. We have less active comp players than smogon, so things might take their time.





Current Builders:




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Dont know if this is active yet, i would like to fit a team with my coil arbok, i tryed to pair it with qd masquerain a cs lunatone, and sub nasty doom.

I dont know which orientation should i give if balanced or offensive, or how bad is the core. 

So please help. 

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