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[Livestream] Streaming Pokemmo + shiny fail on stream

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Hi guys,


I am Jesrayed / Fixedgaming.

I stream on pokemmo every now and then, I also do small giveaways that are most usefull for starters but am planning on bigger giveaways as well!


I try to keep the amount of twitch messages in world chat as low as possible but please forgive me if I link my stream every now and then.

It is a stream where you can come for a laugh and to relax while hunting on shiny pokemon!


Thanks for the support! twitch= www.twitch.tv/fixedgaming


If you want a laugh and see me fail to catch a shiny , there you go!


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you should rlly be careful next time bro. that geodude, may have been a egg breed or somewhat, or someone leveled up thier geodude. always look at the pokedex 

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6 hours ago, DarylDixon said:

why u didnt used ultraball when u spored it lmao

I have no idea, was catching chars and those don't even stay in a greatball while they are asleep and 1% hp.. Wasnt expecting it..

Would have been the best choice, next time I might even masterball it

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