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Proposing to my boyfriend with my PokeTeam <3

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1 hour ago, DracoseArcana said:

Going to level up my team and rename them Will You Marry Me ___ ___? And have him face off the elite 4.


Of course I don't want to disclose any real names, I'll blur out the parts of his name in the picture I'll post soon <3

Place? Time? Channel? Invitation? Trivago?

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1 hour ago, MGRazor said:

By all means, we must keep this thread dead by any means necessary. EXTERRMINATE

Smells like envy karp


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Dude must have said no, that or...


On 1/19/2019 at 7:09 PM, Archon said:

I would slap the shit outta anyone who proposed to me like this


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