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PokeMMO OU Teambuilding Compendium


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16 minutes ago, OrangeManiac said:

Because Tentacruel doesn't have an ability or move(s) to take use of rain other than boosted water-damage. But if that was enough you could mention literally every water-type in the game there.

doesn't tentacruel hash rain dish?

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I started playing pokemmo 3 weeks ago and will be getting into competitive pvp in the future, currently researching left and right and came across this guide, I really appreciate it but may I suggest (for people that are less prone to research) a description with examples of the said type of mons? For example:

"A hazard setter is a pokemon that sets up entry hazards for the opposing team so that they are weakened as they switch into the battlefield. A good example of hazard setter is X because bla bla bla, the below pokemons are the most used hazard setters "

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