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PokeMMO World Cup 2nd edition - The general thread and donations thread

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What is a PokeMMO World Cup?


PokeMMO World Cup is a tournament where you represent your nation for the title of best country or region in PokeMMO!


How do I sign up?


Signups have opened in:



What are the rules for the World Cup?


Big part of the rules and procedures are yet to be decided after sign-ups are completed but the general gist of the rules can be found in the sign-up thread.


How long will the tournament last?


After the tournament starts, it will last multiple weeks. Battles are done by competing against new country/region every week and the best teams qualify for the final tournament.


What is the format for World Cup?


It will be a 5v5 Team Tournament based event, tiers are OU, UU, NU, Doubles and LC.




This is largely in the hands of the community. The more you donate, the bigger and more hype tournament we get!


Current prize pool: 122,100,069 million 15 lava cookies, 15 casteliacone




Roxxass - 15 mil 15 lava cookies, 15 casteliacone

OrangeManiac - 4 mil

Forfiter - 1,5 mil

imabetheverybest 1 mil

SoFiik 500k

DeadGorilla 1,000,069
xKicco 100 m
Juuzou 100k

Pitzzin 3 mil
Aldroc 300k dark elfbot hat.


Comments, questions, concerns?


Any comments, questions and concerns should be directed to Roxxass or OrangeManiac. If your native language is Spanish, Roxxass is the right person to help. With English language you may ask from either one.



The most related picture:



Image result for stakataka gumshoos


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Whoops this was meant to be posted in the unofficial tournaments section. Whoever sees this can move it there, thank you.

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13 hours ago, xKicco said:

ez,i would like to add another 50M if its not enough

Dude u are crazy, but its nice to see how hyped this event is :D

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1 minute ago, liamolaowye said:

When you gonna put the rest of the world team together?


we are fixing final problems


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