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Líve Anniversary

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\ Thanks to @Hallen for it  /


In conmemoration of the second Anniversary of our dear team Líve - LittleVeterans, we decided to make an automated tournament to celebrate it with the community.


As some mates of Líve wanted to make donations, i decided to make this thread to say thank them all publicly.


Nahwel - 500k Gyarados 31 31 30 13 30 31 Adamant

Souu - 200k

xLuneth - 500k

LuisAnderson - 500k

DrakeDyBala - 100k


Tournament name: Líve is a-líve (Anniversary).

Date: 9/2/2019 is the Líve Birthday so if there are not issues with other tourneys it will be the day.

Time: 18:00 gmt-3.

Tier: OU.

Signup fee: 25k.

Seats: 128.

Prize: 3m and Gyarados Comp First place, 1m Second place, 500k for Third and Four place. More prices if more donations.



Team History




Its my first time doing some like this (tournament/automated tournament/a post like this), i dont speak english (a bit of english and bad), and i dont have lot of time to make it fast so probably i will have some issues with this and will take some days until i have the post/tournament finished.

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Still in work

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1 hour ago, Roxxass said:

I will won that ou tournament!! >w< 

no trick rooms allowed >:c

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