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Gym Rematch Team Help

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Not sure if this in the right place but it isn't really competition team based so hence why am putting it here. But I am having trouble making a team for Gym Rematches. I have never rematched gyms or done any comp like things in Pokemon before. So in that sense, you could call me a newbie. I have beat all three elite 4s once and I am now trying to get a team to rematch the gyms and then the elite 4s.


I originally asked those in my club/team for ideas, but they all say different things. Some say to use Hydregion with such and such moves but then others come and say don't listen to them use typlosion. If your anything like me stuff like that as a newbie to rematching gyms It just confuses you. So I was hoping some of you guys could help me find a team I would like and wouldn't be too hard to get. 


If you could state IVs, maybe EVs, moves to go with the pokemon that would be good, I am not looking for perfect 6x31s I hear 2x31s are good enough. 


Any help would be appreciated cause I wanna start learning all of this comp stuff. But I tend to learn if different ways for different things, sometimes told, shown, or I gotta do it while told or shown. And comp poke making needs lots of moneys x3

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2x 2x31 timid choise specs typhlotion can basicly solo(/duo, bcuz them sashes) all gyms besides those with drizzle leads (misty pelipper lead as an example) and flashfire gyms (such as blaine as an example). Eruption OP <3


For these gyms where lotion cant solo you could use(/duo) a ton of things like double disharge/sluge wave/surf/earthquake/you name it teams. Disharge and surf requiers volt/water absorb or pokes with such passives, EQ works vs most gyms aswell if you run 2x levitate team tho it cant hit enemy with levitate or flying types.


Ev spread for gym runs is easy, 252spd and 252atk or spec.atk depending on if your duo uses special or physical moves.



May rebattles be with you.



Also also: you can use 2x dragon dancers such as haxorus and whatever to setup and making sure one survives the first round, then switch im a stealth rocker as soon as one of them dies. But thats not as ez as the other options.

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doesn't really matter what you use in my opinion just go for the hyper offense strat with some good speed and coverage and you are golden once your team is lvl 100. i often go in there with like only 4 pokemon being clueless what the gym leader have and still very rarely loose.


but for the e4 rematch you should just forget it. in my opinion it's just a waste of time, since you need a full team of top tier with great strat and still need to use item to get a patetic payout for the time you spent there.

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Im using dragonite eq plus hydreigon combo,  followed by blaziken, typhlosion, and two that I like to use atm,  usually to cover water gyms.


Double kick blaziken is just best

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Just do high offense, good speed and good coverage for all gyms and you will be fine :3 2x31 (atk or sp.atk and speed) + good nature (timid/modest or jolly/adamant) and level all to 100, you'll be fine. :3

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starmie amulet +starmie specs

Torkoal amulet + typhlosion specs

Aerodactyl cband + flygon life orb

Is what I run for gyms, works nicely

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Use a Krook with moxie and amulet and a Charizard( bc the flying type) with wide lens with Heat Wave. So The heat wave do some damage and you finish with EQ, then taking 2 buffs from moxie on your Krook. Gengar can be used too

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