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[ART] Pennelope starts ARTs

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I used to draw a ton as a kid but had to stop. Figure I would start again and try to improve. I may not draw often(normally when I'm bored or super depressed), but I will dump any decent looking PokeART I make here, almost like a back up to my deivient art stuff. Here's hoping I can draw more and get better at making illustrations.


Enjoy the first pick(or not, It is really not all that great.)


time 92min


was super sick so I drew two things


It's might be my watermark


time 6mins


It's a self insert trainer, wanted to practice human drawings.



time 5hrs 12 mins (I went through seven sketches and 30+ layers ta make this human drawing, guess I wasn't very efficient.)

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this is quite nice for not having made art in a while

but don't put yourself down so much. everyone starts off somewhere, and this already seems pretty great to me. have faith in ur art little one, and keep practicing

maybe try to also sometimes draw under happier circumstances, who knows what wonderful stuff you can make when ur happy and inspired <3

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