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[Storyline Guide] HM Locations


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Greetings, dear PokeMMO community. In this guide, I will list each and every HM Location so I can link it to the billion people asking everyday people have a place to check it up faster and easier. Here we go! ~




40px-Cascade_Badge.png HM 01 (Cut): This HM is given by the S.S. Anne's Captain at Vermilion City, brace yourself for the rival's battle coming right before! Cascade Badge is required to use it.


40px-Thunder_Badge.png HM 02 (Fly): This HM can be found on Route 16, you will need to got West from Celadon and cut a tree before the gate leading to the cyclist area, keep going and you will reach a house containing the precious HM. Thunder Badge is required to use it.


40px-Soul_Badge.png HM 03 (Surf): Another indispensable HM you can get in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City, seek the Secret House, which can be found in the deepest area, Area 3. Soul Badge is required to use it.


40px-Rainbow_Badge.png HM 04 (Strength): This one is given by the Safari Zone old warden who lost his golden teeth, in Fuschia City. To get it, you will need to find them, they are of course in the depth of the Safari Zone. Rainbow Badge is required to use it.


40px-Boulder_Badge.png HM 05 (Flash): This HM is given by one of the Prof. Oak's aid in the Eastern path of Route 2, you will need to have at least 10 Pokemon registered as "seen" in your Pokedex to get it. Boulder Badge is required to use it.


40px-Marsh_Badge.png HM 06 (Rock Smash): For this one, you will have to go to the Ember Spa on the Island 1 of Sevii's Islands, a man inside will give it to you.  Marsh Badge is required to use it.


40px-Volcano_Badge.png HM 07 (Waterfall): To get this one, you will have to surf to Icefall Cave on Island 4 of Sevii's Islands, you will find the HM by navigating through the inner cave's first and basement floors. Volcano Badge is required to use it.



40px-Stone_Badge.pngHM 01 (Cut): Found in Cutter's House in Rustboro. Simple as that. Stone Badge is required to use it.


40px-Feather_Badge.pngHM 02 (Fly): This one can be found on Route 119. It is given by Brendan/May once you have defeated him/her. Feather Badge is required to use it.


40px-Balance_Badge.pngHM 03 (Surf): Can be obtained from Wally's family in the house next to the Gym of Petalburg City once you have beaten Norman. Balance Badge is required to use it.


40px-Heat_Badge.pngHM 04 (Strength): This HM is given by the man in Rusturf Tunnel once the rock blocking the way is smashed, of course, you will need Rock Smash to get it. Heat Badge is required to use it.


40px-Knuckle_Badge.pngHM 05 (Flash): Given by the hiker near the entrance of Granite Cave, which is located at the north of Dewford Town. Knuckle Badge is required to use it.


40px-Dynamo_Badge.pngHM 06 (Rock Smash): Given by the Rock Smash dude in the southeastern house of Mauville City. Dynamo Badge is required to use it.


40px-Rain_Badge.pngHM 07 (Waterfall): Given by Wallace in front of the Soothopolis Gym once you have calmed down Kyogre and Groudon. Rain Badge is required to use it.


40px-Mind_Badge.pngHM 08 (Dive):  Given by Steven in his house in Mosdeep City once you have defeated Team Magma. Mind Badge is required to use it.



Forest Badge.png HM 01 (Cut): Obtained from Cynthia outside the Team Galactic Building in Eterna City. Forest Badge is required to use it.


Cobble Badge.png HM 02 (Fly): Can be found to the right of the entrance of Team Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City. Cobble Badge is required to use it.


Fen Badge.png HM 03 (Surf): Given by Cynthia's grandmother inside the ruins, after defeating Cyrus in Celestic Town. Fen Badge is required to use it.


Mine Badge.png HM 04 (Strength): Given by Riley, at the exterior of Iron Island when the player first arrives. Mine Badge is required to use it.


Relic Badge.png HM 05 (Defog): Found in the final room of the Solaceon Ruins, which are located at the east of Solaceon Town. Relic Badge is required to use it.


Coal Badge.png HM 06 (Rock Smash): Given by the Hiker next to the entrance of Oreburgh Gate. Coal Badge is required to use it.


Beacon Badge.png HM 07 (Waterfall): Obtained from Jasmine at the beach at north of Sunyshore City after defeating Volkner. Beacon Badge is required to use it.


Icicle Badge.png HM 08 (Rock Climb): Found at northeast of the Hiker's house on Route 217. Icicle Badge is required to use it.



HM 01 (Cut): Given in Striaton city by Fennel as a reward for defeating the Gym.


HM 02 (Fly): This one can be found in Driftveil City and is given by Bianca after defeating her.


HM 03 (Surf): Given by Alder after defeating Cheren at Twist Mountain entrance.


HM 04 (Strength): Can be obtained from an Ace Trainer in the building northwest of the Pokémon Center of Nimbasa City.

HM 05 (Waterfall): Found on Route 18, at the south end of the grass across from the stairs leading west from the shack.


HM 06 (Dive): Given by a girl in front of Cynthia's house, in Undella Town.


And there you have it! Thank you for reading, and have a nice day! ~

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