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team strategy for the event

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here is the stat for all the elfbot you can choose from


fire        155/140/100/150/100/130        fire pledge/outrage/morning sun/follow me                    blaze
water    205/100/120/130/120/100        water pledge/ice beam/heal pulse/follow me                 torrent
electric165/100/100/140/110/160        tbolt/flamethrower/heal pulse/follow me                         lighting rod
grass    185/100/140/100/140/110        grass pledge/aromatherapy/heal pulse/follow me        overgrown
ice         165/100/100/150/140/120        ice beam/reflect/heal bell/follow me                               snow warning
fight      155/140/100/150/100/130        drain punch/tbolt/heal pulse/follow me                          guts
poison  175/130/130/120/110/110        poison jab/flamethrower/recover/follow me                  poison touch
ground  195/150/120/100/110/100        drill run/rock slide/heal pulse/ follow me                       sand stream
flying      165/120/110/130/110/140        bounce/heatwave/heal pulse/follow me                      cloud nine
psy          155/100/90/160/130/140        psychic/ aura sphere/heal pulse/follow me                   trace
bug         155/140/140/110/110/120        attack order/light screen/heal order/follow me          tinted lens
rock        195/120/160/100/100/100        rock slide/meteor mash/ heal bell/follow me             solid rock
ghost     175/110/110/140/110/130        shadow ball/tbolt/pain split/follow me                         cursed body
dragon   165/140/110/130/120/110        dragon pulse/fire punch/heal pulse/follow me           multiscale
dark        165/140/110/140/100/120        dark pulse/torment/moonlight/follow me                   intimidate
steel        175/130/160/100/110/100        meteor mash/brick break/heal bell/follow me           clear body



this should be a good start to try to strategize

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