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Changelog: 25/12/2018

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Since the game mode is new and does not play like anything else in-game, here are some developer's tips:



  • There is a minimum amount of "score" which is required before rewards will be paid out.
  • Score is increased for every Big Robot Part you collect, and for every wave you clear.
  • The requirements to complete a wave will increase as waves are cleared.
  • After you clear some waves, it will be given an exponential bonus.



  • The game mode is best played with 4 players, with 2 squads of 2 players.
  • Willingness to communicate with each other and coordinate your actions will significantly impact your team's viability.
  • All players share a pool of 5 lives in which they can die. If your link faints 5 times, the next person to faint will be kicked from the link and their game will end


Building your team

  • Classes of Elfbots are meant to work together. Talk with your teammates to decide what is best, and decide at the beginning of the mission.
  • While in your starting area, your Elfbot can be changed an infinite amount of times. Use this to search for a build complimentary to your team.
  • If you leave your starting area, you may only change your Elfbot once more. Afterwards, you are locked for the rest of the mission.
  • If you change your Elfbot type, you will fully heal



  • The aggro mechanics are similar to an action role playing game:
    • Whoever aggros the enemy will bring in their closest ally to fight with them, if they are within range.
    • It is recommended you stay close together, and share the burden of damage.


  • Presents will respawn every 2 completed waves, in the same spots
  • Presents come in 4 types:
    • Healing (Green)
      • These will fully heal your team, including status and PP
    • Stat Up (Red)
      • These will increase the EV stats of every member of your link
    • Big Robot Part (Pink)
      • Collect these, and bring them back to your base
    • Held Items (Blue)
      • Held items are random. I recommend that you talk to your party and see who needs what item


Good luck.


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December 28th, 2018:



  • Fire Elfbot ability -> Speed Boost
  • Water Elfbot ability -> Damp
  • Grass Elfbot ability -> Prankster
  • Electric Elfbot skills updated to Thunderbolt/Overheat/Heal Pulse/Follow Me
  • Flying Elfbot skills updated to Fly/Heat Wave/Heal Pulse/Follow Me
  • Psychic Elfbot skills updated to Psychic/Signal Beam/Heal Pulse/Follow Me
  • Dark Elfbot skills updated to Dark Pulse/Brick Break/Moonlight/Follow Me
  • Santa's Present vendor requirements reduced to 1 Big Robot Part,  3 Tiny Robot Parts
  • Forfeiting the Xmas 2018 Coop Mission will now grant rewards to the forfeiting player

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Unranked matchmaking battle points rewards
  • Maybe fixed some issues related to player aggro distance calculation
  • Fixed multi-hit skills / berry heals not rendering the HP bar properly
  • Fixed a battle freeze when alt-tabbed
  • Fixed motion of Rising Star particle fx
  • Fixed EXP Gain total messages not including held item exp
  • Current total score can now be shown after 1 BRP is turned in, in the Xmas 2018 mission

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