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Limit to 1 the wall pokes in PVP (Unranked and ranked, OU)


To be honest, the current meta-game are borken. Everyone here knows one thing "if you dont use walls, you probably lose" because you need an answer to counter sweeper pokemon.

But the problem here is, some people uses more than 2 walls, and with these teams you cant do nothing to win the battle because there are no answer to counter some pokes.

Let me make an example, a team maded with a Skarmory, Blissey, Cofragigus, Mandibuzz and others like Milotic.

One of the most used combinations is:

Skarmory - Stealth Rock - Spikes (Optional), Roost and Roar
Cofragigus - Toxic Spikes x2 , Haze and pain Split to recover HP
Mandibuzz - Foul Play and Roost to recover HP

These Pokemon have a lot of HP and defense, you have 2 options, search the way to put away the spkes and tocks, or kill faster the wall pokemon. if you try to put away the spkes (with a starmie for example) before attacking the pokes, probably your opponent goes to kill you faster switching pokemon and reusing the spkies and tocks strategy to win. If you try to kill faster all pokemon, probably you will die because posion , spikes and rocks.

If you see, the only way to "Win" a battle in these conditions is using more than 2 walls like your opponent, and all sweeper pokemon cant be used in the current meta-game.

Another problem is the longest duration of these battles, and sometimes, i won more Battle Points in Battle Frontier, making PVP an unatractive feature to win points.

For me, a solution to solve these problems is limiting to 1 the wall pokes, with this "limitation"  the PVP battles can go more faster and the players can experiment with other pokes to made more game strategies.

This is only my personal opinion, probably a lot of current players are gong to reject this suggestion, but if the meta-game never changes, the game will be die and become boringe

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There has never been time in the history of PokeMMO that fully defensive playstyle is this unviable. It still isn't completely unviable but the fact we have numerous Pokemon that can break through virtually every wall in the game is why I can't believe we're still getting threads like these today. Even if this wasn't the case this would never happen: First you would need to define what is a "wall" and I guarantee people would never agree on the definitions. But even besides that, wallerinos aren't a problem in any way in this game. Quite rather, without Pokemon you call "walls" we wouldn't have any possible switch-ins for anything. Games would last an average of 12 turns where two players just change KOs one after another. That wouldn't be fun either.


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This is a thumbs down if I ever seen one. You don't sound like a very experienced player to suggest such blasphemy. This should be in pvp assistance and not suggestions.


Togekiss @ Leftovers  
Ability: Serene Grace  
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Nasty Plot  
- Air Slash  
- Roost  
- Heal Bell


You're welcome.

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Want to know my wall breaker? 


Porgyon Z - Adaptability @ Metronome (The more you spam a move, the harder it hits) 

Psyshock (R I P Chansey/Blissey)

Thunderbolt (R I P Skarmory) / Dark Pulse (R I P Confeg)

Tri attack (R I P everything else)

Agility/Nasty plot (Up to you)

You can decide the EVs and nature.. that’s up to your gameplay


But I never failed to run through stall teams effectively if he is with me. Specially if you know a Blissey will be switched in, she will get bamboozeld so hard. Either set up before she goes toxic or destroy her with shock.

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7 hours ago, Digifanatic said:

To be honest, the current meta-game are borken. Everyone here knows one thing "if you dont use walls, you probably lose" because you need an answer to counter sweeper pokemon.

Hyper Offense is an incredibly viable playstyle even among top tier players.

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