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[GUI] Spheal with it!

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On the request of @FallenKings, I worked a bit on an old theme: 

I put some effort into it, and I was gonna give it to him as a present, since he seemed rather enthusiastic about it xD
I put more than a few hours into this, so I thought I'd upload it either way.

If anyone wants to pickup from here to completely revive the original theme, be my guest. ^^ 
(Since I kindda lost interest in finishing the last bits of it)

So ya.. screenshots:






-----Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13ZM4ZkVKsCkGBChx_9DgtGetYlo99uWA/view?usp=sharing
-----Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tkx27xpmmjmei81/Spheal_with_it.zip/file

Hope you're entertained and, ummm I won't be updating this, but as I said, anyone who wants to use this go for it.

What is still missing that can easily be added:
-Buttons'/Boxes' colors.
-General widget looks.


What is missing that I'm not sure about:

-The Spheal icon next to the bag. (not sure if that's still possible to do)
-The widget holding the items.

So I did the hard part basically xD


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3 hours ago, Dibbzzz said:

Why is this all I've ever wanted and needed in my life? Bless you, my dude.


Do I have your permission to tweak it a tiny bit to make it more spheal-y when I have the time? Just for myself, unless you like it :)

Hahaha, thanks ..should have made a donation pool for this, seems like I’d have gotten rich XD


Oh ya, do anything you want to do with it, you can even reupload it here or in another topic if you modify it enough to be different, just mention the original creator if you do (not me). XD 


If it is for personal use, I don’t think you should ask for my permission x3 

After all the most important thing is that you enjoy something. If your tweaks will help you or anyone else enjoy it more that would be a great and I wouldn’t mind slapping it as an alternative version in the topic as well. :D 

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11 minutes ago, Yaguarete said:

I used to have this GUI ok my pc. Does ir works in android apk? 


GUI themes are not compatible with the Android client. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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