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Legendary Pokemon question

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3 hours ago, bRkderGoettliche said:



I wanted to ask why there is no legendary pokemon ?

Mewtwo and Rayquaza exist as global PvP events. Only one of either will exist on the server at any given time. If you capture it then your location will be broadcast to the rest of the server and you have to battle other players to see how long you can maintain control of it. If you log out then it will return to the wild.


The rest have plans for future implementation.

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On 11/27/2018 at 11:39 AM, bRkderGoettliche said:


I hope the Legendary Pokemon will be permanently introduced and everyone can have a Mewtwo or other legendary Pokemon :c


Those two will probably remain the way they are, catchable but only temporarily.

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34 minutes ago, Goku said:

When legendaries are introduced they should be hard to obtain. Like no need for this Ez game nonsense where every nab that played through 1 region can obtain them.

I disagree with this, main reason for legendaries would be the competitive scene, and those players will value pvp over pve. Legendaries should be obtainable by anyone, not an easy challenge, but nothing to hard either, as the main focus of them, will be for pvp usage.

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