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Meh Tag Tournament: 34m Prize

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Shout out to @Akshit for the heat poster



Seats: Unlimited players
Tier: Tag Tournament: Over Used and Never used. Tie Breaker: Underused

Tournament Mode

Single Battle




Players will compete in pairs to advance through the bracket by winning both of their duels for each round, one player will duel in the OU tier and the other in the NU tier. In the case of a tie a player from each couple will go head to head in a UU tie breaker. Players are welcome to switch tiers in between rounds. 


Date and Time:
Date: Saturday, December 8th
Time: 9:00pm CET | 8:00pm GMT | 3:00pm EDT



Silph Co. Channel 5



Gonna open 15 minutes before the tournament begins.


Team Name: Lovely Ladies

Player One: Havsha

Player Two: Benjaminvoz


OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO

List of clauses and what they mean



1st Place: 30m + Donations Split between the lovely couple (15m each)

2nd Place: Garbodor+ 4m (2m each)  Will figure it out later (Or you two can fight for it)

*Prizes may change, but the total prize pool will be the total of all donations




About Donations? All donations will go to the prize pool, if I get enough donations I'll consider making a 2nd place prize. In order to donate find me in game or mail me IGN: Havsha


@Havsha: 17m

@Zymogen: Shiny Garbodor + 1m

@MathewMat: 1m

@xSparkie: 500k

@RysPicz: 1.5m

@BlizzardGG: 500k

@MadaraSixSix: 420k

@Akshit: Poster

@RLotus: 580k

@JIceJDragon: 100k

@strifexchaos: 1m + 1k
@aftershocker: 10m












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1 hour ago, Suneet said:


He didn't even include LC in the poll, nor the Tag team thing.

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3 hours ago, Lazaaro said:

Nice one Havsha, Team Tag OU LC plz


14 minutes ago, Suneet said:



2 minutes ago, Lazaaro said:

He didn't even include LC in the poll, nor the Tag team thing.

Cause its too easy to carry suneet, but for real, I get tag team tours are more fun, but I wanted more of a individually based tournament, I'd have included LC, but for a prize of around 20m I figured we wanted a big bracket

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Please try to do a triples and lc/nu tier tournament, If gonna be duo tournament like the aw tournament, I can help you to host it, I usually dont have duo for it. 

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Tier has been selected, the format is Tag Team: Over Used and Never Used with Under Used as the Tie Breaker.


Shout Out to the current donators: @Zymogen and @MathewMat. You two are my favourites

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