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2 hours ago, JohnnyHarlem said:

hey names Johnny whats the controls for the game i don't get how to start it up??? thanks 

-Welcome to pokemmo.
[Pc keyboard]-

A button = z
B button = x

A & B are transparently displayed on the screen. 


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Hello, welcome to PokeMMO! ^^


They already answered, but:


If it's on Android, it's all in your screen.

If it's on pc, use your arrows to walk, Z and X as A and B. Also:

C: Trainer card

V: Community
B: Bag

N: Pokedex


G: Team (if you have one)

H: Help

D: Open menu


I think I didn't forget anything. xDD You can also check and change (if you want) the commands in settings > control.


See you around! o7

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