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[PSL X] The Salty Suite

Salty Suite matchups  

61 members have voted

  1. 1. Which matchups would you like to see for this edition's Salty Suite?

    • Kamimiii vs Linken (Linken worst DPP player?)
    • DoubleJ vs Excavalier (DoubleMemeJ vs EsCCavalier)
    • Aerun vs Jovi (Irrelevant vs Cancer)
    • MadaraSixSix vs Forfiter (Stall vs Hyper-Offense)
    • LKrenz vs SejuaniSupport (Bad host vs Blacklisted)
    • Kriliin vs Kimikozen (Quagsire-Breloom vs Rain Team)
    • Kevola vs BurntZebra (Is Zebra bad at OU?)
    • Lazaaro vs Lotus (NoBets vs BadBets)

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28 minutes ago, gbwead said:

Imo, money isn't that hype. If it was something like "if you lose, you have to leave your team for X amount of time", I believe their would be a lot on the line for both of you because - correct me if I am wrong - you both never left your respective teams and that "member since" date probably means a lot.

I'd prefer an avatar bet like it was before. I would have much more to lose as I have never left Aura before and jj did leave lyle several times in the past. Money is always hype though, especially when you consider tens of millions

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I really wish there was a stat that kept track of how many times forf mentioned my name on the forums. 

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Forums stil fire tho.

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1 hour ago, DoubleJ said:

I really wish there was a stat that kept track of how many times forf mentioned my name on the forums. Dude legit got my uguu in his mouth 24/7. 

Ohh poor jj, jj got triggered much. Couldn't answer anything I said with rational arguments several times so he has to insult. Poor jj. I'm so sorry for you jj. I hope I mentioned your name enough times to make you feel good jj. If you need to talk to someone jj, I'm here for you jj. You can cry in my shoulder jj.



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I embarris.

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if there isnt a JJ vs Forfiter match yet... there needs to be

I'll donate 500k strictly for the match

Best of 3 (one tier is chosen by each of them and the last tier is chosen by the community)

Winner gets the money and the loser has to shut the fuck up and stop whining

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