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Returning Trainer:PkMnProGold

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Hey It's been about 3 years since i last been here. (actually last seen mail in my Pc box going as far back as 800+ days) I see the game has change changed a-lot. Seeing that all of my friends that use to play are now gone. But guess i could never really stay away, So i decided to get back into it again. Pokemmo was pretty much there for whenever i was going through a-lot in my life. So at this point i just want to try to get back into the community by being supportive anyway i know how. Im rather active since i work from home so i'll be around if anyone want's to hang or battle or anything, feel free to message.

-Intro from the past (Before i lost my password and info to prevent me from logging in to my old account)

PkmoProGold! Here, finally decided to make my account here. I just taken down Both Hoenn and Kanto, And have some pretty cool competitive adventures along the way. and stuff. Sooo umm yeah. Nice to meet everyone!! If you wanna hang or battle in game. My Info is in profile.



Edited October 4, 2016 by BattleStep 
P.S: Haiii RacheLucario, lol please comment on my introduction please. ^.- b


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