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[PSL] State of the PSL Address

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On my phone, but bearminator with me for a moment. PSLX is boring. This isn't my observation alone and it isn't just because I suck this season. Although, maybe that's less of me being bad and more of my competition being better. I digress. We had a great little hiatus after the shitshow of the season that shall not be named and we garnered a good chunk of donations. A new host group took over and the rules were tweaked softly. They've been a little less open about why they've done things a certain way, which may or may not be a good thing. The selected managers were all very qualified, although some were questionable when you consider who wasn't picked. The playerbase is still pretty solid and there are plenty of new players making great strides, so what's up?


In my opinion it's honestly the lack of drama. We've turned the PSL into a snoozefest trying to over-regulate and micro-manage every little thing. The role of manager is that of team uguu if you put in even any bit of effort. The spying of hosts on team discords is also questionable and doesn't stop anyone from making a second private discord. 


One manager has already quit and you can obviously see the lack of interest by many players. At this pace, we're going to end up just coasting into the playoffs on life support and fade out with another dud of a season. 


The players have zero input on what the hosts decide and managers lack any bite. 


What do we do to save the PSL, or do we continue to have boring season after boring season on into infinity?


Signed, your friendly neighborhood JJ



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I agree with the trashtalk is bad, but we can propose new ideas for make the psl more dynamic, without the midseason the 7 weeks is too samey, so we can make a ''shuffletrades'' with the players in midseason, or other idea, the psl is the league that the community built, the more olds in this format is going to be bored.

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I wasnt here last PSL, but I heard it was a shitshow. I think that this PSL is just the immediate consequences of that PSL and we as a community might have overcorrected and instead of being lenient with battles a bunch of rules were made and no one wants to create drama in fear of the rules. I say just give it time and we'll see in playoffs how it goes. I do have to say that the choice in managers has a huge impact on how players respond and what kind of players were chosen. Managers give motivation and purpose to the players and although the battles are pretty decent, most players aren't as motivated to win their battles imo. I also think a lot of those "tough decisions" should be made by the community instead of the hosts just to allow for some debate and drama, hosts should just be there to facilitate and make sure no one goes crazy. thats just my take on the whole thing

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I really don't get why people criticize the lack of shittalk when they just don't contribute to it in any form or manner. Not every player is out here looking for drama, and as much as I do enjoy some quality drama, my need for browsing the forums or playing this game is not 100% reliant on it. If you want the drama you're looking for, be another dumbass in the team that coaches, and submits logs of that to the PSL hosts. How bored can you seriously be that you're looking for shittalk / drama on a pokemon game to relieve that boredom? It just reminds me of those uguues on Twitter that argue for simply no reason whatsoever. 

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You have got to be kidding, JJ. After so many seasons of hosting and especially having it ending the way it did on you, I can't believe you would make such a post. Honestly, if anything I at least had respect that you admitted of fucking up and taking the responsibility for your fuck up at the end of season. But why oh fucking why do you try to play a Joker in PSL now? Besides, who in their right mind would actually seek for drama? Makes pretty impossible to take you seriously after such a statement.


And the thing is, you aren't even remotely referring to some quality banter to make PSL interesting. You're referring to actual drama. That's what baffles me the most. With quality banter, after games have been played, you could go have a beer with your opponent. And that's not what PSL "drama" has ever been. PSL drama has often been very mean-spirited and to me it sometimes seemed like PSL was causing more enemies than friends at times because of all the obnoxious drama about everything. I can't seriously understand why we would ever need to go there again.


But. Anyways.


To address the legitimate points on your post, sure the PSL might be a little bit over-regulated. But that's entirely because of the wish from the community. The bottom line from the discussion from the brainstorm thread after last season was that we need to make a heavy regulated system, hell some even suggested bounty systems for reporting coaching. That's how much the community wanted the PSL clean. Now the way ThinkNice, then I and then Gunthug hosted was that "Don't be a fucking idiot and everything will be fine". But times have changed and because of the occurring drama the community wanted something else now and the new hosts adapted. And shoutout to the hosts for that.


In general, the hosts have been great. I've already seen their willingness to discuss about things while still staying true to what they believe is to be right. I think the hosts have performed pretty damn well so far. Let's not try to find problems where there isn't any.

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Just saying, for my first PSL this has overall been a lot fun and at least within our friend groups there has been plenty of great shit talk to go around. 

Shout out: @MknsZblex@LKrenz@Blu3Breath for all the hard work and sacrifices they have put in and that come with hosting. (but c'mon keeping the weekly scoreboard updated isn't thaaat hard guys XD)


It's week 7 and the hype has died down a bit with the halloween event (which I hope all of you have been getting rich off of), and I'm sure the hype will be back for playoffs.


Let's keep having a great PSL guys :D


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If their is another season of psl make the managers have to pay something like 5-10m to get a spot and make players have to donate as well. When their is money on the line i assume the effort levels will increase considerably.  Right now we are playing for a share of roughly 3 mil a piece which is kind of a joke when you consider how long this event is and the amount of effort people put in.  Just food for thought this is probably my last season anyways. 

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