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Was Pumpking buff necessary?

Was Pumpking buff necessary? (Poll)  

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  1. 1. Was Pumpking buff necessary?

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No, but not for the reason most people would simply go by. The majority of the demographic in this game would classify as "casual" players. Making the boss harder only reprimands the minority which is, "hardcore" players, in pumping creative yet annoying strategies to fight a broken boss. That itself however is also neglected by the devs making certain strats unusable and/or banned. What is it that they want then? I would have preferred if the devs geared the update more towards the sentimental value of the Halloween event and rewards rather than the hardcore players that just want to make money off of it. Thus, the rewards should be untradeable, at least for the most part. I would like a more balanced decision by the devs, and don't want to be hateful, ergo my response to the poll is "neutral". That is my two cents, thank you.

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