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Changelog: 30/10/2018


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Update 3


Halloween 2018

  • Made the boss harder again
  • Added a Pumpking-exclusive particle to the Pumpking Goodie Bag
  • Pumpking reward increased to 4 bags

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some players could get stuck on Tubeline Bridge on certain days
  • Added a basic particle filter for the GTL
  • Future Sight has been updated to Gen 5+ battle mechanics:
    • Future Sight will now calculate damage on the end turn, instead of the casting turn
    • Future Sight will now respect type-changing effects such as Normalize, Sturdy effects such as Focus Sash and Endure, Wonder Guard, can now inflict critical hits, and is affected by stat stages of the caster and target
    • Fixed a bug where Future Sight would not trigger berries on damage
    • Fixed a bug where Future Sight would not be affected by No Guard
    • Fixed a bug where Future Sight would not trigger Bide damage
  • Brick Break will now only destroy Reflect/Light Screen if the skill landed (substitute included)
  • Added some weather effect messages
  • Fixed an issue where wild event ghosts could not be run from
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Changelog 11/11/2018:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broadcasting of current battle states on spectate / reconnection
  • Added some indicators for current status ailments / HP % to the battle UI
  • Added weather effects for battles
  • Fixed UI flashing during battle swaps
  • Fixed particles suppressing the UI
  • Fixed an issue where hitting a target behind Substitute with Future Sight might trigger retaliatory effects (Rocky Helmet, etc.)
  • Fixed Shiny animation causing a small delay on swap
  • Held item effects should no longer play in Contests
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